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Can Gardening be Beneficial for Your Parent’s Mental and Emotional Health?

Gardening is a fantastic activity for your aging parent to do during the Spring season. Getting out of the house and taking care of a garden offers many opportunities for physical activity that can support their physical health through improving muscle strength and joint flexibility, increasing balance and control, and even burning calories and improving cardiovascular health. But the benefits that can be offered by gardening are not limited just to physical needs. Gardening can also be beneficial for your parents mental and emotional health as well.

Elder Care in Helena AL: The Benefits of Gardening

Elder Care in Helena AL: The Health Benefits of Gardening

Some ways gardening can be beneficial for your parent’s mental and emotional health include:

  • Getting out of the house more often can help to reduce feelings of isolation and separation.
  • Change of scenery stimulates the mind for more interest and feelings of engagement, which lessens the chances of depression and loss of motivation.
  • Exposure to beauty, such as nature, boosts mental and emotional health and creates a greater sense of well-being.
  • Gardening allows your parent to experience accomplishments every step of the way. As they prepare the area, plant the plants, watch them grow, and eventually enjoy the mature plants, they can see the effects of their hard work. This creates a sense of achievement, satisfaction, pride, and fulfillment which improves their sense of importance and shows them that they are still relevant and capable.


Elder care can be very beneficial in helping your parent pursue gardening throughout the spring season. This elderly home care services provider can help your parent plan their garden, provide physical support, and offer reminders to keep them active in caring for their garden. Companionship is also wonderful for enjoying the fruits of their labor together.

If you are look for a way to enhance your aging parent’s quality of life, support their health and well-being, and encourage a lifestyle that is more active and engaged, now may be the ideal time for you to start elder care for them. An elderly home care services provider can be with your aging parent when it is right not just for them and their needs, but also for the amount of care that you give them on a regular basis. Through a set of highly personalized services, this care provider can encourage your parent to manage their needs, challenges, and limitations in the best way for them as an individual based on their beliefs, personal opinions, and goals. These services can include everything from safe and reliable transportation, to helping with personal care needs, to medication reminders to ensure that they remain compliant with their prescriptions and guidelines from their doctor.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional elder care in Helena, AL, call and talk to the staff at Lipford Home Care (205) 623-5700.

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