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Your Senior Might Fall Because of These Risk Factors

It’s not necessarily possible for your senior to avoid every fall risk out there, but when you have a handle on where the risk lies you have a better chance. Falling is a huge problem for older adults and these major causes are where you can start focusing your attention.


Caregiver in Alabaster AL: Your Senior Might Fall

Caregiver in Alabaster AL: Your Senior Might Fall


Muscle Weakness, Loss of Muscle, or Poor Balance

As your senior ages, she’s more likely to have lost some muscle tone or developed trouble with her balance. Exercise can help with this, as can changing her diet to include more protein and other nutritious food choices. Make sure that her doctor clears her to exercise before starting an exercise program.


Trouble Seeing Well

Difficulty with vision means that your senior might have a tough time with details and avoiding obstacles. This might mean she bumps into objects frequently or that she simply doesn’t see a tripping hazard to avoid it. It’s really important that she has her vision checked regularly because there may be corrections that her eye doctor can put in place for her.


Medications and the Side Effects from Them

Medications do a lot of good for your seniors, but they can also have some side effects that make life interesting. Some of the side effects your senior might experience could be dizziness or even drowsiness, and both of those can make her more likely to experience a fall. It’s always a good plan to set aside some time a few times a year to do a medication review with your senior’s doctor.


Chronic Health Conditions

Some of the health issues that your senior deals with on a daily basis can make a fall more of a likelihood. Talk with your senior’s doctor about how existing health problems can be a problem. There may be solutions you can put in place that help to reduce the risk she’s likely to experience.


Tripping Hazards

There are other issues, too, like loose flooring or clutter building up in your senior’s home that presents a tripping hazard for her. Take some time and go through your elderly family member’s home and catalog what seems like the biggest issue for her. Figure out what you need to do to resolve those tripping hazards as soon as possible.

Something else that can help is to have someone else around to offer assistance, especially if you’re not able to be there with your senior like you want to be. Elderly care providers can fulfill that role for your senior, helping her with whatever needs to be done.


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