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Caregiver in Pelham AL

Caregiving Can Take Its Toll

Home Care Services in Pelham AL: Many people jump into caregiving not thinking about everything it is going to do to them. While it can be a great thing, helping to take care of a loved one, it is important to realize that caregiving can take its toll on you.

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Tips for Making Healthier Fast Food Choices

Caregiver in Pelham AL: Let’s face it, you can hardly drive for five minutes without passing a fast food restaurant of some kind. Sure, they’re a convenient way to grab a quick meal on a busy day full of appointments and errands. However, much of the food they serve isn’t as healthy as what family caregivers can prepare for their senior family members at home. It is possible, though, to make smarter, healthier choices at fast food restaurants. Here are a few tips to help.

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What is Sundowning?

Caregiver in Pelham AL: Alzheimer’s patients often show signs of sundowning in the moderate stages of Alzheimer’s. As the sun goes down, the Alzheimer’s patient struggles more with cognitive skills than during the rest of the day.

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Taking on the Role of Family Caregiver

  Caregiver in Pelham AL It may have been a choice, it may have been a necessity, and it may have been by default, but regardless of what path was traveled, it is suddenly a question as to who is going to take care of the older generation. Before anyone agrees to become a family…

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