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Do You Have a Tornado Safety Plan for Your Aging Relative?

As a family caregiver who looks after your elderly relative, you have the responsibility to keep them safe, healthy and happy. This can include everything from making sure they take their medicine on time to cooking and cleaning for them. However, if you and your aging relative live in an area of the country that is prone to tornados, you would both benefit from having a tornado safety plan in place.


Elderly Care in Gardendale AL: Tornado Safety Plan

Elderly Care in Gardendale AL: Tornado Safety Plan


Why Do Seniors Need a Tornado Safety Plan?

To get through any emergency, the best option is to plan ahead and be prepared. Tornados strike quickly and always unexpectedly, and there’s no way to act reasonably or methodically when this happens. By preplanning how to react in such an emergency, family caregivers and seniors can follow the outline of what they already decided.

Tornados can cause quite a bit of damage to an area, and they can wipe out basic services such as water and electricity from a few hours to several days. A tornado safety plan for seniors involves riding out the storm itself in relative comfort and safety and getting through the next few days until things can be restored back to normal.


Tornado Safety Plan Considerations for Seniors

With tornados, experts recommend choosing a safe zone where seniors, family members or senior care providers can go when a tornado strikes. This area should be a windowless room or hallway on the ground floor or in the basement. As soon as the elderly adult and the senior care provider understand that a tornado is near, they should evacuate to this area immediately. If the aging adult is bedridden or in a wheelchair, the plan needs to be modified to accommodate them.

Family caregivers should also keep an emergency kit or two in the safe zone of the house. These emergency kits should include food and water for up to three days, some clothes, a flashlight, medicine, extra glasses and any other item that seniors need to stay healthy. If the aging adult has a pet, then a pet emergency kit with some extra food and water is also appropriate. Other items to consider stocking in the safe zone include blankets, pillows, entertainment items like a book, a battery-operated radio, a cell phone, and emergency contact information.


Senior Care Providers and Tornado Safety Plans

Because you are not with your elderly relative every day, it’s important that anyone who comes to assist them knows about the tornado safety plan. Other family members, friends, neighbors, senior care providers, and others should at least know the basics of the plan and know what it takes to make it happen with limited injury or stress.

Tornados are serious natural disasters that affect the lives of millions of people each year. Elderly adults are particularly vulnerable in tornados because they can’t do a lot for themselves. When you have a tornado safety plan in place, their chances of getting through the storms without stress or trauma increases greatly. There’s no better time to start a tornado safety plan for aging relatives.


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