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Why Is My Elderly Mom Sleeping All Day?

If it seems like an elderly relative sleeps a lot in the day, they are not alone. There are many age-related changes that the body goes through, resulting in normal interruptions in night-time sleep patterns. From aches to bathroom breaks, seniors face a number of interruptions as they sleep. The result is that they are often overtired in the day and can really benefit from a nice nap. However, if an elderly relative is sleeping most of the day away, it could signal a health problem, both physically and mentally.

Elder Care in Vestavia Hills AL: Daytime Sleeping

Elder Care in Vestavia Hills AL: Daytime Sleeping

Geriatric Insomnia.

Aging adults deal with a number of sleep disorders that fall under the umbrella of insomnia. Because chronic illness, aches and pains are more common in the elderly, leaving them with difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. They may also have trouble staying asleep and experience frequent nighttime awakenings. The body can only go so long with sleep deprivation before it tries to compensate. If elderly people aren’t getting the restful sleep they need at night, they will take it in the daytime.

Insomnia can also be triggered by a number of different causes. When an elderly person is sleeping for most of the daytime, it usually signals that there is something going on within the mind or the body. Too much daytime sleeping means that seniors are skipping meals, remaining inactive and aren’t able to get involved in events and outings or in conversations with friends, family members or senior care assistants. These consequences can be further detrimental to elderly adults.

Possible Causes of Insomnia.

There are a number of elder care causes that might explain why an elderly person is sleeping all day. One of the most obvious is because of medication. There are lots of different medications that can trigger excessive sleepiness in seniors, such as drugs for depression or high blood pressure. Sometimes a single medicine may not trigger sleepiness but when taken with another drug, the interaction may create a sleepiness side effect. A doctor can make adjustments to the medication as necessary. Interestingly, vitamin deficiencies may also be the root cause of drowsiness during the daylight hours.

Psychological conditions can cause seniors to feel sleepy during the day and cause disturbances at night.  Anxiety and depression can create insomnia, which in turn triggers elderly adults to sleep all day. It’s common for seniors to develop depression or anxiety that often goes undiagnosed, so family caregivers need to make sure their loved one is evaluated by a qualified doctor. In the medium stages of dementia, seniors also tend to sleep longer in the day. In other words, the elderly adult could be in good health physically, but have some kind of mental condition that is contributing to the lethargy.

It’s important for family caregivers, elder care aides, and anyone else that interacts with the elderly adult to watch out for the bad habit of sleeping all day. While some seniors may just need the boost that a restorative nap brings, if they are sleeping all day long, it could signal a more significant problem.

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Excessive Sleep in the Elderly

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