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Four Tips for Planning Family Gatherings When a Parent Has Alzheimer’s

Your mom or dad has Alzheimer’s. Family gatherings are starting to become a problem. From anxiety to outright refusal, you can’t get a gathering to go smoothly. Here are four tips on planning and executing a stress-free, happy event.

Elderly Care in Mountain Brook AL: Planning a Gathering When a Parent has Alzheimer's

Elderly Care in Mountain Brook AL: Planning a Gathering When a Parent has Alzheimer’s

Pick a Familiar Location.

Don’t host the gathering in a new restaurant or a home that your mom or dad has never visited. Pick a familiar spot where your mom won’t feel confused or uncertain. Your parent may not want a lot of people in his or her home. It’s better to host the event at another family member’s house where your parent has visited many times.

Crowds and Loud Noises Are Overwhelming.

Many people with Alzheimer’s find crowds and a lot of activity to be frightening. When hosting an event, keep the guest list small. Stick to very close friends and family members.

Include a note in the invitation that your mom or dad has Alzheimer’s, so it needs to be a soothing gathering. Noisemakers are best avoided. Rowdy partying is another aspect of a gathering to avoid. If someone on your list is likely to drink and get out of control, you might want to rethink inviting that person.

Food Preferences Can Change Rapidly.

Someone with Alzheimer’s may have changing tastes. Your mom loves gingersnaps, so you buy her a bag and she loves them. A month later, you buy her more and she spits out the first cookie. Serve a variety of foods at a gathering. Make some sweet and some savory. Mix textures and colors, too.

You might want to have a platter of raw vegetables with dip and also have a hot spinach dip with crackers. Have sliced deli meats and cheese and hot meatballs. By mixing things up, you will have at least one food that your parent will enjoy.

Have a Quiet Retreat Available.

If a gathering gets overwhelming, make sure there is an off-limits area in the house where your mom or dad can go lay down. If the gathering is at your mom’s house, use her bedroom. If it’s at your house, decorate the guest room with items that will calm and soothe. An aromatherapy machine, houseplants, and family photo albums are great choices.

Past experience may show that it’s just better not to bring your parent to a party or gathering. The situation may simply be too much for your mom or dad. If that’s the case, elderly care services can stay with your mom while you go out.

Elderly care offers more than help with transportation, cleaning, and meals. A caregiver provides you with respite from family caregiving duties. Go out and have a great time while an elderly care professional watches after your mom or dad. Call an agency today to schedule respite care.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional elderly care in Mountain Brook, AL, call and talk to the staff at Lipford Home Care (205) 623-5700.

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