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4 Reasons for Older Adults to Give Up Driving in the Fall

Convincing an older adult to give up driving is often a very difficult thing to do. They may resist the suggestion because they fear it will make them reliant on others. In addition, they simply may not recognize the fact that their driving may be dangerous to themselves or others. If none of the reasons for giving up driving have worked in convincing your older family members, it may be possible to use the hazards of the autumn roads to convince them. Below are 4 reasons that older adults should consider giving up driving in the fall.


Home Care in Pelham AL: Older Adults to Give Up Driving

Home Care in Pelham AL: Older Adults to Give Up Driving


#1: Increased Foot Traffic

Children return to school in the fall, which means there will be more of them on the streets walking or riding bicycles to and from school. Because children sometimes dart out into the street unexpectedly, drivers need to be able to react quickly to avoid hitting them. An older adult may not have the fast reflexes necessary to prevent an accident.


#2: Rain and Wet Leaves

The fall is often a rainy time of the year, making roads slick. Heavy rain can also make it harder to see. On top of the wet roads, fallen leaves can add to the slipperiness. In fact, according to Erie Insurance company, a road covered in wet leaves can be as slippery as one covered in ice.


#3: Deer

Deer tend to be more active in the fall because it’s their mating season. A collision with a deer is 3.5 times more likely in the fall than at any other time of the year. Hitting a deer can cause serious damage to the vehicle and can also injure the driver.


#4: More Glare

The angle of the sun in the fall puts its bright rays right in the eyes of drivers. The glare can be blinding to younger drivers but may be even worse for seniors since older eyes can have more difficulty adjusting to the light.

In addition to talking to your aging relative about the hazards of the road, you may be able to convince them to stop driving by hiring elder care. Elder care providers can offer older adult transportation to the places they want to go, including to run errands and attend social engagements. Elder care can be scheduled to fit the senior’s needs, so they won’t have to wait on a family member or friend to give them a ride.

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