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July 30th is Friendship Day: Why Friends Are Important for Seniors

There’s no doubt that family is important. Our mothers, fathers, siblings, and other family members play a major role in our lives. We rely on them for all sorts of things—help with the children, someone to have a cup of coffee with, and someone to lean on when life is hard. But, new research shows that for older adults, friends may be even more important than family.

Home Care in Alabaster AL: Why Friends Are Important for Seniors

Home Care in Alabaster AL: Why Friends Are Important for Seniors

The Friendship Study.

Recently, researchers at Michigan State University looked at the results of two surveys that were responded to by around 280,000 people. The surveys asked questions about their relationships, health, and happiness.

The results of the studies showed that older adults who valued their friendships were able to function better. In addition, people whose friendships were rocky were more likely to suffer from chronic conditions.

Tips to Help Older Adults Build Strong Friendships.

It can be hard for older adults to keep up with friends. Illnesses may keep them housebound. As a result, they may not be able to take part in social activities with others. But, staying connected with friends is what keeps friendships strong. Without spending time together, friendships can fade away. But, there are ways you can help your aging relative stay close with their friends, such as:

  • Throw a Luncheon: Invite the senior’s friends to the house for lunch. Assist the senior with cleaning the house and preparing food. Help them to answer the door and welcome people in.
  • Teach Them to Use Social Media: Help the older adult to set up social media accounts to connect with their friends online. Show them how to send messages, post pictures, and see what others are posting.
  • Take Them to Gatherings: If your family member’s friends meet for coffee every Monday, drive them to the café so they can enjoy a cup with friends. Sit at a nearby table so you are present to assist them if needed, but don’t encroach on their visit.
  • Take Them to Visit: Drive the senior to their friends’ houses for a visit. If possible, drop them off and arrange to be back at a certain time to pick them up. If the person is likely to need your help during the visit, try giving them time alone with their friend by sitting in another room while you read a book, catch up on emails, or surf the Internet.


Home care providers can help older adults to spend time with friends, too. A home care provider can drive the older adult to social gatherings or friends’ houses. A home care provider can even help them to entertain friends at home. Home care providers can clean the house, make lunch, and assist with cleaning up afterward.

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