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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome?

Approximately 10% of people throughout the United States are living with a condition known as restless leg syndrome, with 5 million of those people experiencing moderate to severe symptoms. This condition can make a tremendous impact on your parent’s daily functioning and quality of  life, which makes it extremely important to find effective ways to manage the condition. Being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of restless leg syndrome not only helps you to work with your parent’s doctor to find a course of management and treatment that is right for your parent, but can also help you detect when your senior is experiencing an episode and may require more support.

Elder Care in Homewood AL: Restless Legs Syndrome

Elder Care in Homewood AL: Restless Legs Syndrome

Some of the signs and symptoms of restless leg syndrome include:

  • Urge to move the legs.
  • Sensations that begin after you have sat down or laid down to rest.
  • Sensations that begin after you have been sitting for an extended time, such as in an airplane or the car during a road trip.
  • Sensations that improve when your parent moves their legs, such as jiggling or walking around.
  • Sensations that are worse in the evening or at night when trying to sleep.
  • Twitching feelings when trying to sleep.
  • Creeping or crawling feelings in the legs.
  • Pulling or throbbing sensations.
  • Aching in the legs.
  • Itching in the legs.
  • Feelings of “electricity” in the legs.


Simply because you have made the decision to step into the role of being a family caregiver for your aging parent does not mean you need to handle all of the challenges that come along with this role on your own. You may find that your parent suffers challenges and limitations you cannot handle by yourself, or that they need more time, support, and companionship then you can offer. When this happens, elder care is there to help. An elderly home care services provider can provide your parent with a wide variety of services personalized to their specific needs. Whether they have health challenges that require extensive care and support, or only mild limitations that would benefit from occasional assistance, an elderly care provider can help your parent manage these needs in the ways that are right for them. Not only can this boost your parents quality of life, but it also helps to relieve your stress, and help you to be the best you can in all of the roles your life presents.

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