24 Hour Care For Seniors Helps Prevent Falls

24-Hour Home Care in Helena

24-Hour Home Care in Helena

Falls are one of the biggest threats seniors face when they are aging in place. Even seniors who don’t have any medical conditions that make it difficult to move around can fall. Anyone can fall. Seniors are more likely to fall, and when seniors fall, they can get seriously injured. That’s why family members worry so much about seniors who are getting older at home. They are worried that if their senior parent falls, they may be hurt and unable to call for help when they need it.

24 hour home care is the solution for seniors who want to stay at home, but also fear falling and not getting help. 24 hour home care gives family members and seniors peace of mind, because seniors will never be alone. A care giver will be there 24 hours a day to help seniors around the house so they are safe. 24-hour care can help prevent falls by:

Rearranging Furniture

One of the causes of falls at home for seniors is often how their furniture is arranged. Area rugs can cause vicious trip and fall injuries at home. So can chairs and tables in the way seniors walk. A care provider will ensure that chairs are kept out of the way, rugs are either tacked down or picked up so that it’s impossible to trip on them, and lamp or TV cords are hung on the wall so that seniors can’t trip over them and fall.

Keeping Clutter At Bay

Clutter is another major source of falls for seniors. 24 hour home care providers will ensure that shoes are picked up and kept tidy, so that your senior loved one doesn’t fall over them. They will pick up jackets, catalogs that fall on the floor, pillows and blankets, and other clutter to ensure that every path is clear for your senior. They can also pick up and fold laundry and put it away, so there are no piles of laundry that can trip your senior loved one.

Helping Seniors Get Up And Down Stairs

If your senior loved one’s home has two stories, they may need help getting safely to a bedroom on the upper level. Likewise, they may need help getting down the stairs in the morning. Since a fall down the stairs could be deadly, it’s important that your senior loved one have someone they trust to help them safely navigate the stairs each day.

Helping Seniors With Bathroom Trips

Middle of the night bathroom trips are also a major source of injuries to seniors. It’s easy to see why. Your senior parent gets out of bed and stumbles half asleep in the bathroom, and falls on the way back because they are tired and half asleep, or possibly on sleeping medication that can make them careless. Seniors are much safer with 24-hour home care, so that someone is with them in the middle of the night, to help them safely get to the bathroom and back.

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