Blood Pressure: What Can Your Senior Realistically Do About High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is one of those health issues that can sneak up on your elderly family member if she didn’t already realize that it was an issue for her.

Getting a handle on blood pressure issues as soon as possible is crucial, and these tips can help.


Elderly Care in Mountain Brook AL: Blood Pressure

Elderly Care in Mountain Brook AL: Blood Pressure


Look at Dietary Changes that Might Help

What your senior eats on a regular basis can definitely affect her blood pressure levels, either for the good or otherwise. Your senior’s doctor can give her specific recommendations based on her individual health needs, but in general, it’s a good idea to reduce excess sugar, salt, and alcohol. These items in particular can have a big effect on how well her blood pressure stays under control.


Consider a Daily Exercise Routine

If your elderly family member hasn’t opted to start exercising on a regular basis, she might want to reconsider. Talk with her doctor about exercise and whether it’s alright for your senior to be engaging in, of course. But then start finding activities that your elderly family member enjoys and that she wants to keep doing on a regular basis. Starting out slowly gives her the best chance for success.


Find Ways to Manage Stress

Stress is more than just upsetting. It’s downright dangerous if your elderly family member already has a predisposition for high blood pressure. It’s vital for her to find ways to manage her stress that are not only effective for her but that she enjoys so that she can make them a part of her routine. Journaling, meditating, and mindfulness practices are just a few ways to help her to manage stress. Exercise also helps, which means it can do double duty for her.


Get in the Habit of Checking Blood Pressure Regularly

Your senior’s doctor might recommend that she also get in the habit of checking her blood pressure levels. This can be important not just so that your elderly family member knows what her blood pressure is, but also so that she can spot trends and correlate those to how she’s feeling and what she’s doing. Monitoring progress gives her a way to feel better about the changes that she’s making, even if the progress seems slow.


Some of these shifts, even though they’re small, might feel a lot larger to your senior. Part of helping her to reduce her stress can involve bringing in elderly care providers to help with tasks and to make eating healthier and remembering to exercise and to check her blood pressure a little easier.


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