Caregiver: How Can You Help Your Senior to Be More Socially Engaged?

Caregiver: One of the biggest problems that seniors come up against is suddenly finding that they’re spending most of their time alone.

That might be okay for a little while, but when that turns to loneliness or isolation, your senior may have a big problem on her hands. Finding solutions for loneliness before it becomes a massive problem can feel trickier than it has to be. Hiring a caregiver can be a big help for companionship and to go places.


Caregiver in Trussville AL: Social Senior

Caregiver in Trussville AL: Social Senior



Work Out Ways for Friends and Family to Know When to Visit

If your elderly family member is blessed to have plenty of friends and family nearby, she may still not be as social with everyone as she really wants to be. That can usually be down to miscommunications. It can help a lot for you and other people to figure out easy ways to match schedules. Online calendars that everyone can sync are just one option.

Lean into Her Interests

What is your senior interested in? Does she have hobbies or anything else that she enjoys doing? If so, you can lean into those interests. There are plenty of groups devoted to helping people to share their interests. Whether those groups are online or in person, they can offer plenty of opportunities for your senior to interact with others.

Combine Goals to Cover More Ground

But what about other goals? Say your senior wants to exercise more and she is battling loneliness. Combining goals can be a huge help in reaching multiple goals at once. With exercise, joining a group or class is a fantastic way for your senior to be encouraged about moving more and to meet other people who have similar health goals.

Bring in Companion Care at Home

Caregivers are another fantastic option, especially if your elderly family member is in need of some hands-on assistance. Companion care at home offers emotional support for your senior, but caregivers can also ensure that your senior is safe and that her home supports her needs. That can mean taking care of transportation, handling meal preparation, and offering help with personal care tasks. This is especially helpful if your elderly family member isn’t able to get out and about as much, so other options for socializing are a bit more limited.

You can’t force your senior to be more social, but you can make it easier for her to be as social as she wants to be. Over time, her needs may continue to change, so it’s helpful to try a variety of solutions.

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