5 Tips for Caring for Your Senior After a Stroke

Strokes are incredibly frightening, both for the person who has the stroke and for the people who care about that person. Recovery times vary, depending on the type and severity of the stroke. Your senior’s health before the stroke can also impact her ability to recover. There are also some steps you and your elder care provider can take to help her to recover more readily.


Elder Care in Helena AL: After Stroke Care

Elder Care in Helena AL: After Stroke Care


Talk with Your Senior’s Doctor about What to Expect

Knowledge is incredibly helpful in all aspects of caring for your senior, so talk with her doctors about what to expect as she recovers from her stroke. Every stroke is different and affects the individual differently. The more you understand about how your senior has been impacted by her experience and these changes to her health, the more you can do for her.

Encourage Daily Activities

It’s important for your elderly family member to do what she can to get back to normal as she’s able to do so. Daily rehabilitation exercises are designed to assist her with doing just that. Encouraging your elderly family member to do what she can every day can make a huge difference for her recovery. Getting back to her normal routine can also help your senior to emotionally recover from her stroke.

Try Not to Take Over Too Much

That isn’t to say that your elderly family member doesn’t need some help, however. There may be a lot of normal daily tasks that are much more difficult for her than they used to be and some may even be impossible right now. Helping her is natural to do, but be careful about taking over tasks that she is able and willing to do on her own. This can increase her feelings of helplessness, even though that is not what you are trying to do when you help too much.

Get Some Assistance

Having some expert assistance is also a good idea. Stroke care at home ensures that your elderly family member has the help that she needs to recover. Home care providers who have experience helping people who have had strokes are well-versed in their needs and in how to offer the best possible care. Stroke care at home helps your senior to have exactly what she needs in order to heal.

Stay Alert for Signs of Possible Trouble

It’s possible to have a stroke again, and your elderly family member’s doctor can help you to understand what her individual risk factors are for this happening. Responding as quickly as possible to another possible stroke can give your senior much better odds of recovering quickly. Having help from elder care providers who understand stroke care is also essential.

Remember to care for yourself as well as care for your elderly family member while she is recovering. That helps you to be the best possible caregiver for her as her health continues to change. Having help, such as elder care, that you trust working with your senior ensures that you can also take respite time without worrying about what your senior may need.


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