Home Care: How to Determine the Right Elder Care Option for Your Aging Loved One

Home Care: Whether it’s your mother, father, grandparent, aunt or uncle, close friend, spouse, sibling, or somebody else, as they get older, some people may need a little extra care.

Elder care offers a wide range of options for people of advancing years who need some assistance during the day. Home care could mean full-time or around-the-clock care or even part-time care. It can refer to in-home care aides, visiting nurses, as well as assisted living and nursing home support.

Each person is different and while one aging senior may require some type of elder care, that might not be ideal for another individual. You don’t have to blindly guess, either, when it comes to home care options. You don’t have to stand there and throw the proverbial dart at the dartboard and hope for the best.

Below are a few ideas that could help you find the right elder care option for you or an aging loved one.


Elder Care in Vestavia Hills AL: Home Care

Elder Care in Vestavia Hills AL: Home Care

Understand what they are dealing with right now.

You may have assumptions, such as your immediate observations of their health, physical limitations, and other factors, but do you truly understand what they are dealing with?
For example, you may realize that your aging mother is struggling with vision loss. She may be diagnosed with macular degeneration, for example. Even though there are improving treatment options available to combat macular degeneration, at least to some degree, you may not fully appreciate or understand the daily struggle she is enduring.


Try to walk a few feet in her shoes.

You’ve heard the expression, “Walk a mile in their shoes,” correct? Of course, you have. That basically means you need to understand what somebody is dealing with on a regular basis before you can judge their effort, the results they produce, or how often they are contacting you for help.

If you have no idea what it could feel like or be like to contend with macular degeneration, take some gauze and wrap a soft felt, a circle of felt, over the center of your vision, using glasses or goggles to keep it away from your eyes.
Try to walk around in that condition. The only thing you can use for sight is peripheral vision. It’s not easy to do.
So, you may understand your mother’s vision is declining, but until you experience it to some degree yourself, you won’t fully appreciate the dangers and hazards that exist all around her now, especially tripping hazards.


The right type of elder care isn’t necessarily moving her.

She may want to remain in the house she has been in for many years. That could be a wonderful option still.
However, she needs support on a regular basis. Home care would be the right elder care option for her at this stage in her life.
That home care provider can assist her in getting ready in the morning, preparing meals, keeping the house clean, and even running errands. The more you understand what that senior is facing, the easier it will be to find the right elder care option for him or her.


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