Homecare: What Foods Have Vitamin K for Seniors to Eat

Homecare: Unlike other vitamins, the human body does not store vitamin K well, this means a senior needs to eat foods that regularly supply them with vitamin K.

Bacteria in the large intestine contribute by producing a variety of vitamin K forms known as menaquinones, but it is not nearly enough. Seniors may not be focused on a diet, but this is an area that is crucial to focus on as someone ages. Good nutrition will help a senior stay healthy but also fight off viruses, keep toxins out of their bodies or help flush out toxins, limit diabetes, and lower blood pressure. As a senior, focusing on a good diet can help them remain independent for much longer than when they neglect the diet. A homecare services provider can help with this.


Homecare in Gardendale AL: Vitamin K

Homecare in Gardendale AL: Vitamin K


Homecare assistance can help a senior focus on these lifestyle changes as they get older.

Not all seniors have the experience or have ever wanted to focus on a diet like this. It can be hard to work through because as a senior ages, the caloric needs may drop while the vitamins and minerals they need increase. This can be a hard demand to meet. Luckily there are tons of foods that are rich in various vitamins and minerals that a senior may love. Here are some of the best foods that are rich in vitamin K.

Use Kale in Meals

Although kale is bitter when eaten raw it can be cooked with spices and herbs to create something delicious. A senior can add this into meals that have chicken or salmon in them. Even half a cup of kale will be enough for a senior to receive tons of vitamin K.

Swiss Chard is Rich in Vitamins

Another dark leafy green that is very bitter is swiss chard. Although this is definitely an acquired taste it is one of the best sources of vitamin K that a senior can get. By adding in other vegetables, like carrots, onion, and bell peppers, you can mask the bitter taste.

Raw Spinach in Salads

One of the best reasons your parents should have home care assistance in place is because they can help create tasty meals for the senior. If a senior loves salad a caregiver can start mixing in raw spinach to help with vitamin K levels.

Brussel Sprout Dishes

Another green food that seniors should be eating is Brussel sprouts. This can go nicely with bacon and onions. It is also something rich with vitamin K and easy to whip up.

What Happens When a Senior Does Not Get Enough Vitamin K?

Unfortunately, lack of vitamin K can have pretty serious consequences. If a senior has a deficiency in vitamin K they may start bruising easily or randomly and they may start to experience bleeding problems. Vitamin K can help with blood clotting so when there is a lack of it the lack of clotting can cause a senior to bleed much more.


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