Top Signs of Hearing Loss in Senior Citizens

Home Health Care: When taking care of your elderly loved one, you may find that over time, they can’t hear you very well.

There may be times when you get frustrated because you think they are ignoring you. Even when you fully understand what is happening, it can be difficult to deal with at times. Maybe, you aren’t even sure if your elderly loved one has hearing loss right now. There are some top signs that signify hearing loss in senior citizens that you and your home health care provider may want to know about.


Home Health Care in Helena AL: Hearing Loss

Home Health Care in Helena AL: Hearing Loss


Phone Conversation Issues

If your elderly loved one has hearing loss, you may find that they can’t hold a good phone conversation. They may constantly be asking you to repeat yourself. If your elderly loved one is stubborn and they don’t want to admit they can’t hear you, they may respond and their response doesn’t make sense. It is likely because they thought they heard you say something else and they just didn’t want to admit they couldn’t hear you the first time. If this is going on with you, it may be a good idea to ask other people that talk to your elderly loved one on the phone to see if it is happening with them, too. If so, your elderly loved one likely has some level of hearing loss.


In-Person Conversations

Your elderly loved one will likely have some issues in-person when talking to you, as well. For example, when you are talking to them, some things they may do include:

  • Ask you to repeat yourself
  • Stand very close to you so they can hear you better
  • Need to be facing you when you’re talking so they can read your lips

If your elderly loved one is doing these things, it may be a good idea to have them get their hearing checked. You can even have a home care assistance provider take them to this appointment if you can’t or don’t want to go.


Turning the Television or Radio Up

Another thing that your elderly loved one might do if they have some level of hearing loss is turn the television or radio up. It may be so loud that it is hurting your ears, but they may not be able to hear it well.


Home Health Care: Conclusion

These are some of the top signs of hearing loss in senior citizens. If your elderly loved one is doing these things, it is likely they have some hearing loss. You or a home care assistance provider can take them to the doctor to get a hearing test. They may need hearing aids or other hearing-assistance devices to help them hear better. They may also need to go to the doctor for regular hearing tests to see if their hearing is getting better or worse over time.


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