Helping Your Senior Improve Their Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (abbreviated HBP or hypertension) is a dangerous disorder that affects many elderly people. Many people call it the silent killer, which is very accurate because it is something that not many people focus on, and it has no visible symptoms. This is concerning since it destroys blood vessels and dramatically raises the chance of developing major health problems. With a healthy lifestyle, high blood pressure can be fixed, but it is not quick, and that is why it can be essential to have help from home care services. Here are some tips to help a senior with high blood pressure.


Home Care in Vestavia Hills AL: Blood Pressure

Home Care in Vestavia Hills AL: Blood Pressure


As your loved one ages, they need to focus on nutrition, stress level, blood pressure, and much more. It can be unnerving to think about them trying to age in place and forgetting key things about their health. Some seniors may not even know how to take care of themselves as they age which can also be scary for you.

Providing care for your parents can be challenging, and you may need to ask for outside help. Hiring personal care at home can take the stress off of your shoulders and be easier or more comfortable for your parents. Many senior parents dislike relying on their children so much, and it can actually feel better to have in-home care because it still gives them a sense of independence while also assuring you that they’re being cared for.

Have a Caregiver Help Monitor Blood Pressure

Seniors can monitor their blood pressure by using a home machine, and a caregiver can accurately record a senior’s blood pressure. Sharing these with the doctor can help a person stay healthier and understand if they need medication to help lower their blood pressure. Maintain a journal in which you may record the date and blood pressure readings to follow changes over time. Additionally, it demonstrates when lifestyle adjustments are effective.


If Medication Is Prescribed, Take it

Caregivers may not be able to handle any medications unless they are trained professional nurses, but they can all be great at reminding seniors to take medications. If a doctor orders a senior to take medication, your parents must do so. You have to take pills on time, as prescribed, and not miss doses. If anything is unclear or confusing, or if any side effects occur, notify your doctor immediately so they can determine a cause and effect relationship.


Focus On Health Weight Management

Overweight individuals may reduce their blood pressure by dropping merely ten pounds. This may even enable them to discontinue taking blood pressure medication altogether. It can be crucial to focus on diet and exercise as a senior who is having blood pressure problems.


Focus On The Right Food

Speaking of diet, a senior will want to eat heart-healthy foods. If they are unsure what to eat, it is essential to ask a doctor what foods will help them, and then in-home care can ensure they eat those foods. Concentrate on healthy meals, less fat, and increase fruit and vegetable consumption. The DASH diet is a good starting point.


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