Are All Memory Problems Caused by Alzheimer’s Disease?

Does your elderly loved one have memory loss? Even if it is the slightest memory loss, you may be wondering if they have Alzheimer’s disease. The truth is that almost all family caregivers and their home care assistance providers of a senior citizen think about this disease from time to time. However, it is important to know that not all memory problems are caused by Alzheimer’s disease. There are age-related memory changes, as well.


Home Care Assistance in Mountain Brook AL: Memory Problems

Home Care Assistance in Mountain Brook AL: Memory Problems


Age-Related Memory Issues

As noted above, not all memory issues are caused by Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, some of these types of issues are caused by the aging process. For example, just because your elderly loved one forgets where they put their glasses, that doesn’t mean they have Alzheimer’s disease. There are mild memory changes that happen as people get older.


So, if your elderly loved one is only:

  • Making bad decisions once in a while
  • Missing some monthly payments
  • Forgetting the day, but then remembering it
  • Only forgetting names every once in a while but then remembering those names

If your elderly loved one is only having these memory changes, it could just be due to the aging process. However, even these issues can be difficult for your elderly loved one. They may want to receive home care assistance just so they can have the reassurance they won’t forget important events.


Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Memory Issues

There are some memory issues that may signify your elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s disease. However, before learning about these, it would be good to remember that just because these symptoms are present, doesn’t automatically mean Alzheimer’s disease is the diagnosis. With this being said, some common Alzheimer’s disease-related memory issues that you or a home care provider may notice in your elderly loved one include:

  • Making poor judgments
  • Not making good decisions
  • Not taking care of their monthly bills
  • Can’t remember the date or the year
  • Can’t hold a conversation for long or at all
  • Misplacing things and not remembering where they are at

If these things are happening with your elderly loved one, it may be good for them to receive home care assistance. The home care providers can help to ensure your elderly loved one is well taken care of and they don’t make decisions that will negatively impact their life.



Do you suspect that your elderly loved one has Alzheimer’s disease? Maybe, you have noticed they are forgetting things such as where they put their keys? Do they remember these things in a bit of time? If so, it isn’t likely they have this disease. However, if your elderly loved one is often forgetting where they put things and can’t remember even after some time or they are making bad decisions regularly, it could signify Alzheimer’s disease.

If you do suspect your elderly loved one has this disease and they do receive a diagnosis, it is a good idea to get home care assistance to ensure they have the care needed to stay living at home.


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