Home Care Services: Buying The Right House For Aging In Place

Home Care Services: If your senior parents have decided that they want to age in place, they might need a different home in which to age in place.

Sometimes the old family home can be adapted and retrofitted to be a safe place for seniors as they get older. But sometimes it’s better for seniors to move to a new home that will better fit their needs as they age. Home Care Services can be consulted for ideas and assistance.


Home Care Services in Trussville AL: Aging In Place

Home Care Services in Trussville AL: Aging In Place


If you are helping your senior parents find a home where they can age in place look for a home with these things:

Single Level

A home for seniors that want to age in place should be one level. Living on one level will make seniors less likely to fall and it means that they will be able to access the whole house instead of having rooms upstairs that they can’t use or easily clean. One of the biggest reasons why seniors want to move before they age in place is to move from a multiple-level home to a one-level home so that they don’t have to worry about navigating stairs.

A Senior Friendly Bathroom

The second biggest concern for seniors that want to age in place is having at least one bathroom that is going to be functional as they get older. That means that the bathroom should be large enough that a wheelchair could fit into the bathroom with enough room to maneuver in a circle and fit through the door. It should also have a large walk-in shower with only a small lip if any so that they won’t need to step up into a tub in order to use the shower. It’s a bonus if the shower already had a bench but it should have enough room that a bench could be added so that your senior parents could sit down in the shower if they needed to.


Area rugs are not senior-friendly because they can cause pretty bad falls. So it’s best for seniors to get a house that wall-to-wall carpeting that will be less likely to cause falls but provide some padding in case they do fall. If the house has bare floors then you should consider having carpeting installed before your senior loved ones move in.

Room For Companion Care At Home

There’s a good chance that as they get older your parents are going to need some help. Companion care at home gives seniors the chance to age in place on their own terms with just a little extra help to make sure they can live on their own safely. So it’s important that any home they are considering buying has room for a home care services provider. This could mean an extra bedroom or just enough room in the shower that another person could comfortably help your senior parents in the shower or when they’re using the bathroom. Planning ahead for reduced mobility will make it easier for your senior loved ones to age in place as they get older.


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