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Senior Hygiene: Four Reasons Your Senior Refuses to Put on Fresh Clothes

Senior Hygiene: Lots of aging adults suddenly feel as if it’s unnecessary to swap clothing as often as they might have done in the past.

If that’s the case for your senior, there can be many different reasons why this is happening. Understanding what’s going on might mean talking to your senior about what she’s experiencing and finding a way to help her that isn’t judgmental.


Home Care Services in Helena AL: Senior Hygiene

Home Care Services in Helena AL: Senior Hygiene

She’s Comfortable in Those Clothes

As your elderly family member gets older, she experiences sensory changes and other changes. Clothes that she used to enjoy wearing maybe aren’t as comfortable anymore. And clothing that she does find comfortable and does enjoy wearing might be clothing that she literally never wants to take off. That could be a lot of what she’s experiencing.


It’s Difficult to Change Clothes

Beyond comfort, there may be other issues at play. If your aging family member is having mobility issues or is finding it difficult to move in certain ways, then changing clothes could be literally too difficult for her to handle on her own. Having help from you or from elder care providers may be all that she needs in order to change her clothing more often, but it can be embarrassing to ask for this type of help.

She’s Finding it Tough to Keep Track of Time

As your senior’s cognition changes, so might her senior hygiene change too and it might be getting more difficult for her to keep track of time. This can be even more of a problem if your elderly family member doesn’t have a schedule that helps her to keep track of the time of day or the day of the week. It’s really easy for time to just blend together and for your senior to have no idea how long she’s been wearing one set of clothing. Elder care providers can help with this, too, by anchoring your senior into a routine that works for her.


Senior Hygiene: She Just Doesn’t Want To

Control becomes a big issue for a lot of aging adults. Sometimes there are precious few things anymore that are within your senior’s control, but her clothing certainly is within her control. She may be avoiding changing clothes simply because she wants to.

For whatever reasons, your senior may be going through a phase in which her clothing isn’t changing often. If you’re able to help her to solve the senior hygiene underlying issues, that may be enough. Some issues, like control, may mean helping her to feel in control in other ways.

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