Home Care Services: Holiday Decoration Safety For Seniors

Home Care Services: Holiday decorations are something that most people look forward to all year, including your senior loved ones.

But holiday decorations inside and outside the home can create unusual hazards for seniors. If your senior parents love going all out on holiday decorations here are some things that you or your Home Care Services provider can do to make sure they can enjoy their decorations and still stay safe at home:


Home Care Services in Hoover AL: Senior Holiday Decorating Safety

Home Care Services in Hoover AL: Senior Holiday Decorating Safety


Put Decorations On Timers

Holiday lights are generally pretty safe, but you should make sure that the lights on the tree and the lights outside are on a timer so that they are not on all night. Sometimes seniors will forget to turn them off at night. It’s easy to install a timer to make sure that the holiday lights and window candles and other lighted decorations are only on for certain hours. You can also use smart plugs to control the lights from anywhere, including your smartphone. A 24-hour home care provider can be a great resource to make sure that seniors are safe at night when they have holiday decorations up.

Use Flameless Candles

Candles are one of the most common holiday decorations. The bright cheery candle flame symbolizes the light in the darkness of the winter. But your senior loved ones can enjoy the light without the risk of injury or fire that comes from traditional candles. Seniors may drop a match or lighter trying to light candles, or knock them onto the floor, or be unable to blow the candles out. Flameless candles will provide the same beauty and warmth as real candles but in a much safer way. Some of them even are available with scents like regular holiday candles so your senior loved ones can enjoy holiday scents too.

Put Presents On Tables Instead Of The Floor

It wouldn’t be the holidays without gifts, but for seniors, it’s better to put the gifts up on a table near the tree instead of under the tree. Seniors may have trouble reaching under the tree to get their gifts. And gifts piled under the tree can fall over and become tripping hazards for seniors. Have a 24-hour home care provider place all the presents that your senior parents receive on a decorated table near the tree or keep them somewhere else where the gifts and your senior loved ones will be safe.

Secure Ornaments Tightly

Christmas trees covered in lights and ornaments are one of the biggest holiday joys. Seniors love to spend time decorating the tree with special ornaments they have collected over the years. Many seniors have big collections of ornaments that commemorate the people they love like handmade ornaments that their kids made when they were small. Those ornaments make the tree look beautiful, but if they fall off the tree they can become a major tripping hazard. Instead of relying on traditional wire hooks use sturdy plastic zip ties, ribbon, or other strong materials to secure the ornaments to the tree. You or your Home Care Services provider can also place ornaments only on the upper branches of the tree where they are less likely to fall.


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