Home Care Services: Massage Therapy is Beneficial for the Elderly

Home Care Services: Does your elderly loved one struggle with pain?

Do they have arthritis? Do they ever struggle with anxiety or stress? If so, how do they manage these issues? Are you aware that research shows there are numerous benefits of massage therapy, including relieving pain and stress? Massage therapy could be just what your elderly loved one needs to start feeling better. Learn more about these benefits from a home care services representative today.


Home Care Services in Gardendale AL: Massage Therapy

Home Care Services in Gardendale AL: Massage Therapy


Best Benefits of Massage Therapy for the Elderly

As you are caring for your elderly loved one, it is important to consider all aspects of their health. From the circulatory system to the immune system to overall health, every part of your elderly loved one’s health is important.

Unfortunately, many senior citizens struggle with chronic pain, reduced mobility, balance issues, stress problems, and much more. The good news is that massage therapy can help in so many ways. Some of the best benefits of massage therapy that can greatly help to improve your elderly loved one’s life include:

  • Feeling more comfortable (less pain)
  • Improving mood and mental health (less anxiety and stress)
  • Improving focus and concentration (allowing for better communication and accomplishment of tasks)
  • Improving blood circulation (which can help to improve certain health conditions and overall health)

This is just a shortlist of the many benefits your elderly loved one could receive from regular massage therapy sessions. However, there are so many other benefits of massage therapy, as well. In fact, if your elderly loved one has a specific health condition, you or an in-home care provider could look up that condition and the benefits of massage therapy. You would likely find that massages can help with that condition.

Hand and Foot Massages

Some elderly people don’t like to be touched on their back or other areas of their bodies. However, they may enjoy hand or foot massages. If this is the case, it may help to learn about the various points within the hands and feet. Each point of the hands and feet leads to nerves throughout the body. For example, when massaging one point, it can help to relieve stomach discomfort. You or an in-home care provider can talk to a massage therapist about these benefits on behalf of your elderly loved one.

Home Care Services: Conclusion

These are just some ways that massage therapy can benefit your elderly loved one. Now that you are aware of these benefits, talk to your elderly loved one to see if they would like to start receiving massage therapy services from a home care services representative.


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