Caregiving: Four Challenges You Face as a Family Caregiver

Caregiving:  As your senior ages, both of your lives change.

Your elderly family member may start to need more help, even sooner than she expects, and you may feel overwhelmed at the care tasks that need your attention. Understanding those challenges and talking with your senior about them can help you both to find solutions. Here are just a few caregiving questions to open up the lines of communication and thought between you and your elderly family member.

Home Care in Trussville AL: Caregiving

Home Care in Trussville AL: Caregiving


Are You Able to Be There as Much as Your Senior Needs You to Be?

The first challenge you likely are going to face as a family caregiver is figuring out if you’re able to be there with your elderly family member as much as she needs you to be. This can be difficult because odds are very high that you have other obligations that may need you just as much. So, figuring out how you can adjust is important.


How Independent Can Your Senior Continue to Be?

Beyond knowing how much time and energy you can give to your senior, you also need to know how independent she’s able to be. This means more than looking at how independent she wants to be, because she may be facing challenges that mean she needs more help than she realizes. Talk to your senior about those needs and how you can help her to meet them.


What’s Your Senior’s Health Like?

Do you fully understand your senior’s medical issues? If not, now is definitely the time to become more acquainted with what’s going on with her health. Sometimes older adults aren’t comfortable sharing what’s been happening with their health because they don’t want to burden family members. But that’s the information you need in order to help her fully.


Have You and Your Senior Talked about the Future?

What about the future? You need to know what your senior’s goals are and what she expects from the next few years and from you as her family caregiver. When you’ve got a better understanding of those facts, you can help her to make better decisions that are more likely to help her to get to that point.

One of the options you and your senior need to discuss that can help with a variety of these challenges is hiring home care providers. Home care services can assist you with caregiving, and keeping up with your senior’s needs while making life safer and easier for your elderly family member.


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