Boosting a Seniors Walking Workout

Home Care in Gardendale

Home Care in Gardendale

Walking has several potential health benefits, including protecting against cardiovascular disease, improving bone health, and aiding weight management. It has also been promoted as a method for lowering blood pressure, managing stress, and relieving depression in certain people. You can get fit exercise in your routine while enjoying the outdoors by going for a walk. This is one of the best lifestyle choices you can make as an elderly citizen, but also something you can do with a home care provider or friend.

You may want to discover methods to increase the difficulty of your walking exercises if you’ve been doing them regularly for a while. This may be achieved by including several components into your walking regimen to increase your fitness and prevent boredom. Here are eight strategies for making the most of your daily strolls.

Schedule a Time and Create a Routine
One of the key things a senior can do is stick to a routine. This includes food, exercise, and even sleep. If a senior wants to start walking, they should start by creating a routine to focus on. This will help their bodies get used to moving around at a certain time every day. This is also something home care providers might help with when taking care of a senior. They can help seniors stick to a schedule all year, or even drive them to the gym a few times a week to work out.

Go To Different Places
One thing about creating a routine is that it can become dull quickly. Instead of going to the same location every time, a senior should mix places up. One day they can go to the gym with their friends; the next day, they may go to the park, and the day after, they may stay in the neighborhood. Just because a senior should stick to a routine does not mean they have to stick to the same places.

Walking In The Pool
Sometimes walking can bother a person’s body. Instead of walking on the pavement, a senior can go to the local pool and walk laps in the shallow water. This is much easier on a senior’s body and can be as effective in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Water adds the perfect amount of resistance to challenge the body.

Get Motivated With Gadgets
If your senior loves tech, they can use it to stay motivated to work out. Many Apple watches or things like Garmin will help tell your seniors when to move and what their goals are for the day. It can even be made as a customized goal that seniors can set on their own. This can be a fun way to get moving and reach a daily step amount.

Always Stretch After Walking
Walking can be great, but stretching can be essential afterward and even before. Just a simple stretch will allow your body to have a greater range of motion, which can help loosen you up and prevent injuries. Seniors often overlook this when they decide to start walking.

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