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Home Care Helped Pete Find his Purpose – with Puzzles

A retired clocksmith, Pete had always been good with his hands. His dexterity had declined in recent decades, of course, as had his eyesight. The biggest change, however, had been to his cognition. Alzheimer’s dementia had taken its toll, and Pete’s memory, reasoning, and thinking abilities had deteriorated to the point where he had trouble taking care of himself unassisted.


Home Health Care in Alabaster AL: Home Care Aides

Home Health Care in Alabaster AL: Home Care Aides



His wife, Mabel, had been a big help to him, however since her passing last spring, Pete had really been struggling. Physically, he could still dress himself, but he was overcome with anxiety more often than not. He felt compelled, and sometimes desperate, to do the “right” thing – but was not always sure what that was.

His neighbor Pat was kind enough to bring over fresh-cooked meals each day. In exchange, Pete’s son chipped in for groceries.

Although he was doing okay physically, Pete felt lost and constantly worried throughout his long and lonely days.


Pat ended up suddenly in the hospital one weekend. It turned out, in hindsight, to be a blessing in disguise for Pete. Since Pat couldn’t provide meals, Pete’s son had to figure out something else. He gave the home care agency a call. He wasn’t sure what they could do, but together they were able to come up with a plan. It was just a starting point, really. They knew they would need to adjust it as they figured out what worked and what didn’t.

Obviously, Pete needed support at mealtime, so they started there. They arranged for a home care aide to come in the morning, help Pete as needed with showering and dressing, and then prepare breakfast. They decided to keep the home care aide around until lunchtime. She could help with cleaning up and offer some companionship as well. Later in the day, another aide would come by for a 430 tea and snack, a walk or some visiting, and then make supper.

As it turned out, Pete really appreciated having people around! He relished the opportunity to chat and loved to hear reassurance that he was doing okay. They started working on jigsaw puzzles after breakfast to pass the time. He’d never spent much time on puzzles in his past, busy with work and all. Mabel had enjoyed working on them, and they liked to keep some around for the grandkids’ visits.

At this point in his life, Pete loved the puzzles!

Tapping into his clockmaker’s talent for putting small pieces together, he was a natural. The activity relieved a huge amount of his anxiety as well. Just having something to focus his attention on, especially something that evoked feelings of confidence, made all the difference in his world. For the first time in a long while, he felt a sense of purpose.

The social interaction with the aides did him enormously well, and they were quick to praise his efforts, which of course, made him feel even better. His self-esteem soared!

His neighbor Pat recovered quickly and came back home. He offered to resume bringing meals to Pete, but he and his son graciously declined. Home care was making such a difference to Pete’s quality of life, they couldn’t imagine ever giving them up!


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