Home Health Care: Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Manage Incontinence

Home Health Care: Lots of people don’t like talking about incontinence because it can be so embarrassing.

But ignoring the problem or trying to pretend it isn’t happening doesn’t help. What helps more is for you and your elderly family member to have a plan that supports her needs. Home Health Care can help you and your senior to tackle this problem.


Home Health Care in Vestavia Hills IL: Incontinence

Home Health Care in Vestavia Hills IL: Incontinence


Start a Bathroom Routine

Something that can help more than you might expect is for your senior to have a solid bathroom routine throughout the day. This sounds more complicated than it is, honestly. With the right bathroom routine, you’re basically just setting aside specific times of the day when you’ll prioritize getting your senior to the bathroom. Even if she doesn’t need to go right then, it’s important to stick to the schedule. This can help her body to adapt to those set times and also reduces the possibility of overflow accidents.

Track What Helps and What Doesn’t

It’s also a good idea to talk to your senior’s doctor about what she’s experiencing and what might help her. There may be some medical solutions that you can try, but there are also some other simple solutions to try. Keeping a food diary can help your senior to see patterns between what she’s eating and drinking, and when, and any accidents. Some medications might make the problem worse for her, too, and tracking data for a few weeks can help to spot that information.

Help Make Accidents No Big Deal

The more relaxed you and your senior can be about incontinence, the easier it can be to help your senior to manage the emotional impact of what’s happening. It’s anxiety inducing to worry about accidents, so do things like using waterproof pads on the couch or your senior’s favorite chair. Make it easy to access incontinence products, too. Remember that none of this is deliberate and that it doesn’t have to be a big production.

Home Health Care: Consider Personal Care at Home for More Help

Incontinence can be a lot to manage, both for you and for your senior, especially if your senior is dealing with other health issues, too. It can help to have some extra assistance. Personal care at home can be the perfect answer. Home Health Care providers are experienced in handling situations just like this, and they can show you and your senior how to make incontinence care easy and calm. Ruling out medical factors that contribute to incontinence is really important because sometimes resolving those can resolve the incontinence.


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