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Not Enough Time to Do It All? These Caregiving Tips Will Help

You work part-time or full-time and also help your parents out.
It could be you still have kids at home and try to take care of two households. No matter what your personal situation is, caring for your aging parents makes you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and fail to get through your to-do list each day, you’re not alone. There are tips that can help.


Home Health Care in Mountain Brook AL: Not Enough Time

Home Health Care in Mountain Brook AL: Not Enough Time


Get Others to Help

If you have siblings, cousins, children, or older nieces/nephews who can help out, ask them. If they don’t know you’re feeling overwhelmed, they cannot help you. Ask for help and see who responds that they’re available.

Once you have a list of people who are willing to help, you can create a schedule and share it with everyone. Use an online spreadsheet like Google Drive to allow people to sign up for slots at their convenience.


Separate Important Tasks From Those That Can Be Skipped

Go through the daily chores and see what could be done once or twice a week instead of daily. Some people think that making beds every day is important. It’s not. In fact, some studies have found that leaving the sheets messy and opening windows to the sun can reduce the number of dust mites if the bedroom isn’t very humid.

You try to do the vacuuming every other day. That’s a chore you could move to a weekly to-do list. Unless your parents have a lot of pets shedding fur on the carpeting, weekly vacuuming is good enough.

Tasks that should be completed each day are wiping down handles and counters with a disinfectant. Tidying up before the clutter gets out of control is also important. Rinsing soap scum from the shower also keeps grime from becoming hard to clean.


Hire Caregivers to Help Out

Perhaps the easiest way to add hours to the day is by hiring caregivers. Caregivers can take over some of your to-do lists and allow you to focus on other tasks. Instead of spending an hour or two each day preparing your parents’ snacks and meals, let a caregiver do it. Go run errands while a caregiver does the laundry.

Talk to a home care agency. Caregivers are extremely helpful in easing your chore list and more affordable than you might realize. Call a specialist to get started.


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