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What Types of Foods Does Your Elderly Loved One Need in Their Daily Diet?

It is important for everyone to have a balanced diet.
This is essential for helping to keep someone healthy and for preventing certain health issues. In addition, eating a balanced diet can help someone to keep their body and mind strong. Your elderly loved one might forget to eat well. You or senior care providers might need to remind them. There are different types of foods that you and the senior care providers should encourage your elderly loved one to eat daily.


Homecare in Mountain Brook AL: Daily Diet Needs

Homecare in Mountain Brook AL: Daily Diet Needs


Cognitive Function Foods

Your elderly loved one should be getting foods in their daily diet that help to improve their cognitive functions. There are certain foods that help create new connections in the brain. These same foods help to prevent degeneration of the brain. Some of these foods include blueberries, kale, eggs, chard, and salmon.


Heart Health Foods

There are also many foods that can help to improve your elderly loved one’s heart health. These are the foods that help to keep the heart working properly. They help to prevent heart disease, as well. Some of these foods that your elderly loved one should be eating regularly include oats, beans, and Brussel sprouts.


Bowel Health Foods

There are many senior citizens who have bowel health issues such as constipation or diarrhea. It is important for your elderly loved one to keep their bowel as healthy as they can. Luckily, there are some foods that you and the senior care providers can encourage your elderly loved ones to eat regularly. The foods that will help with their bowel health include prunes, flax seeds, leafy greens, and whole grains.


Immune Health Foods

Your elderly loved one’s immune health is important, too. A healthy immune system can help your elderly loved one to fight off sicknesses. The foods in this category will help your elderly loved one to prevent a cold, the flu, and other illnesses. If you want to help boost your elderly loved one’s immune system, some of the foods that they should eat on a daily basis include broccoli, bell peppers, and citrus fruits.



These are some of the types of foods that your elderly loved one should have in their daily diet. If you and/or senior care providers are helping out your senior, be sure to encourage them daily to eat these types of foods. If you aren’t sure how much of these foods they should be eating every day, you can refer to Choose My Plate.


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