Homecare: What Do You Need to Know About Shingles in the Elderly?

Homecare: Shingles is a type of viral infection.

In many of the cases, the patient will develop a painful rash. The rash is usually located on the torso. However, it can also be on the neck, face, or other parts of the person’s body. Usually, the rash shows up in blister form. Shingles isn’t life-threatening, but it can be excruciating. People can get a vaccine to help lower their risk of getting this condition. As a family caregiver, there are some things that you may want or need to know about shingles in the elderly. A homecare service provider is a great place to start.


Homecare in Helena AL: Shingles

Homecare in Helena AL: Shingles


Shingles Risk Factors

If you are taking care of your elderly loved one, they could get shingles if they have chickenpox at any point in their life. Some other shingles risk factors include:

  • Diseases – There are many diseases that can cause a weakened immune system such as AIDS/HIV and cancer. People who have these diseases have a much higher risk of getting shingles than those who don’t have these conditions.
  • 50 and Older – Is your elderly loved one at least 50 years old? If so, they now have an increased risk of getting shingles.
  • Receiving Treatments for Cancer – Does your elderly loved one currently receive treatments for cancer? If so, these treatments could be compromising their immune system which causes an increased risk of shingles.


These are just some of the risk factors for shingles. If your elderly loved one gets shingles, they will need to go to doctor’s appointments and probably need help around their house. You or a 24-hour home care provider may need to be there all the time to help.


Shingles Complications

There are some complications that can occur with shingles. Knowing about these issues can help your elderly loved one. Some of these complications include:

  • Vision Loss – Sometimes, shingles can present itself around the eyes. This can lead to eye damage. Ultimately, the damage can lead to vision loss.
  • Postherpetic Neuralgia – Sometimes, the blistering rash from shingles can be excruciating. The pain can even continue after the rash is gone. When that happens, it is called postherpetic neuralgia.
  • Skin Infections – If the shingles rash isn’t treated properly, it could lead to an infection. That is why it is so important for you or a home care provider to help your elderly loved one apply any treatments their doctor prescribes.

These are some of the common complications that occur with shingles. Now that you know about these, you can help your elderly loved ones to keep their condition under control.


Homecare: Shingles Conclusion

These are some of the things that you, as a family caregiver, may need to know about shingles. If your elderly loved one does get this condition, you or 24-hour homecare providers may need to help them manage it.


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