Homecare: Top Things to Know About Weight Loss and Dementia

Homecare: Some people who have dementia eat too little.

There are many health problems that can occur due to this problem. Your elderly loved one might experience irritability, bowel or bladder issues, sleeplessness, disorientation, and weight loss. You or homecare providers should do your best to help your elderly loved one to follow a strict eating schedule.

There could be many reasons why your elderly loved one can’t or isn’t eating much. Determining the cause can help you and the home care providers to help them eat better.


Homecare in Vestavia Hills VA: Weight Loss and Dementia

Homecare in Vestavia Hills VA: Weight Loss and Dementia



Does your elderly loved one take medications? If so, some side effects they may encounter include a change of taste and lack of appetite. Both these side effects could be causing your elderly loved one to not eat much food. If you suspect this is the case, make sure you or a senior care provider take your loved one to the doctor. Let the doctor know what is going on. They might be able to switch medications to something that doesn’t cause appetite or taste issues.


Not Liking Food

People with dementia don’t mean to be stubborn about what they eat, however, it does happen a lot. For example, if you or a home care provider cooks for your elderly loved one, if they don’t like it, they may refuse to eat. If your elderly loved one gets upset because they didn’t like one meal, their emotions may cause them to avoid eating the next meal, as well. If you suspect this issue, you should try adjusting the food your elderly loved one eats to something they will like. This can help to ensure they eat and gain the weight back.


Not Being Able to Use Utensils

People with dementia often forget how to do things they have known how to do for a long time. One of the things your elderly loved one might forget how to do is use utensils. If your elderly loved one can’t properly use a fork or a spoon, they may not be able to eat as much as they should be. If you or a senior care provider notice your elderly loved one struggling to use utensils, try to help them. You can also get utensils that are made for people with dementia.


Homecare: Conclusion

These are some of the things that you may need to know about weight loss and dementia. Now that you have this information, you can help to ensure your elderly loved one starts eating better from here on out. This can help them to gain the weight back and prevent future weight loss issues, as well. A homecare services provider can help you with this.

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