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Tips That Help Make Traveling With Elderly Parents a Little Easier

You have a trip coming up and want to bring your parents. You’re not sure how to go about it. They could use the break, but they’re not as mobile as they used to be. If they are traveling with you, these tips can make it a little easier to manage.


Homecare in Vestavia Hills AL: Traveling With Elderly Parents

Homecare in Vestavia Hills AL: Traveling With Elderly Parents


Talk to Their Doctor

Make sure your parents have the medical clearance they need to travel. If they have medications, they need to have enough of a supply to last the trip. If they lose their prescription bottles, it may be easier to get emergency refills if the doctor knows they’re going out of town.

If you’re going to an area where exotic diseases exist, vaccinations may be necessary. Their doctor can make sure those vaccinations are administered far enough in advance to offer the protection your parents need.


Arrange Wheelchair Service if Needed

If your mom or dad needs a wheelchair, arrange wheelchair service with the airline. You’ll get to get on and off the plane without getting in other passengers’ way. The wheelchair is right there so that you can push your parent to the baggage claim or next gate.

While you call the airline to arrange wheelchair service, it’s a good time to put in special meal requests, too. If your parents need a low-salt or low-fat meal, it can be arranged.


Allow Extra Time

Don’t arrange flights so that they’re too close together. If your parents need to walk slowly, longer gaps between flights will help. You should also allow for longer layovers to avoid missing a connecting flight.

You might end up with more time to spend between flights, but you could sit down at a restaurant and have a meal and coffee while you wait. Your parents will enjoy the break.


Don’t Plan to Do Too Much

Don’t plan so much during the day that your parents become tired and overwhelmed. Plan for breaks where they can go back to the rental home or hotel and take a nap or rest.

You could also arrange a tour where they don’t have to walk at all. For an hour or two, arrange to do a harbor cruise. They sit and see the scenery while sitting and resting.

What happens if your parents cannot or don’t want to travel with you? Make arrangements to have a home care aide stay with your parents while you’re away. Caregivers can keep your parents’ company, drive them around, cook meals, and help with housework. A home care agency is happy to make arrangements that meet their requirements.

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