Expert Diet Tips For Seniors Who Need To Lose Weight


One of the best things that seniors can do to stay healthy as they age is to lose weight if they are overweight. Being overweight can make the other health conditions that seniors have much worse, so doctors urge seniors to get down to a healthy weight if they can. But because some seniors have trouble exercising it can be really tough for them to lose weight. That’s why diet is something that seniors who need to lose weight should be focusing on. Eating the right amounts of the right foods can help seniors lose weight even if they can’t exercise very much.  An in-home care services provider can help with this.


In-Home Care in Hoover AL: Senior Diet Tips

In-Home Care in Hoover AL: Senior Diet Tips


One of the most common reasons seniors say they can’t eat better is that they don’t want to waste food or they have trouble preparing food. In-home care for seniors can really help with these issues. When seniors have in-home care they always have someone to share meals with so they won’t be wasting food. And when they have in-home care they can get the help they need in preparing healthy meals and cleaning up after the meals. With in-home care and these expert diet tips seniors can get to a healthy weight in no time:


Use Gadgets

There are so many very handy kitchen gadgets on the market but seniors often don’t want to spend the money on them. Spend the money. Some of the gadgets that are out there make it much easier for seniors to prep and eat healthy meals. For example, using an egg steamer allows seniors to safely hard boil eggs that can be eaten cold, used to make egg salad, or chopped up into green salads. Eggs are a fantastic source of healthy protein but seniors often don’t want to risk handling a heavy pot of water to hard cook the eggs. Or using an air fryer. Air fryers make it easy to cook one or two portions of vegetables, rice, pasta, meats, and hundreds of other healthy foods. They can also make it a snap to reheat foods. Get the gadgets. They’re worth it.


Buy Prepared Foods But Healthy Prepared Foods

Another thing that can be very useful that seniors don’t want to spend money on is prepared foods. And some prepared foods are not healthy. They are filled with salt, fat, and preservatives. But there are some prepared foods that are healthy and make it easier for seniors to eat healthily. Bagged salads that are pre-washed and portioned are great for seniors.


Prep Meals Ahead Of Time In Correct Portions

Portion control is essential for weight loss. Seniors can make sure they’re eating the right portions by having a family member or care provider prep meals and prep them into individual portions then store them in the fridge. That way seniors can pick one portion of vegetables, one portion of meat, and one portion of grains and have a complete meal that is properly portioned for them. They just need to heat up the foods and then they can enjoy a delicious healthy meal.


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