Is Your Mom Calling Multiple Times a Day? Here Are the Tips on How to Handle It

Companion Care at Home in Helena

Companion Care at Home in Helena

If you live far away from your mom or dad, it can be scary not knowing what’s happening, even if they have companion care at home. However, the opposite can be true too. It can also be a bad sign if your parents call you too much. You should always call your elderly loved one a few times a week, and even keep in touch with their companion care at home professionals. But getting multiple calls every day can signal something is wrong. Here are a few tips for when your senior calls multiple times.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions and Find Out Why
It’s crucial to figure out what’s driving this behavior. Is there a fresh medical diagnosis we should know about? Is the preexisting medical condition becoming much worse? Does the dementia problem worsen with time, or is it just due to the patient’s increased anxiety? Is there a major shift occurring or expected in their lives right now? The loss of a loved one or the destruction of one’s house. What’s the latest on their relocation? Observe this shift in your senior loved one with curiosity.

Talk to Them About Their New Behaviour
Discuss with your elderly relative why they are phoning you so often. Inquire about what’s going on, and see if they can give you a rundown of the events leading up to the call. Does anybody know whether they’re lonely? Could they be bored? Feeling stressed? Do they rely on you to calm them down and give them strength? Engage them in conversation to see if you can come up with a solution together. Whatever it is, you need to talk to them about it and understand their motivations without being critical or judgmental. Once you figure out what is going on, you can devise a game plan and tell them you’re not always available to talk.

Connect Your Senior With Other Family Members
Find someone willing to contact your elderly parents to discuss or spend some time with them. If your loved one suffers from anxiety, this may serve as a welcome diversion. It might provide company for a lonely loved one, or give someone bored something to look forward to. Even with companion care at home, your senior may need some extra company. Find family or friends nearby to keep your senior company, or find family members to call them throughout the week.

Find Them New Activities to Keep Them Busy
Giving your loved one the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities might help them feel less bored and more fulfilled. The first step is to inquire whether there are any past interests that your loved one might enjoy revisiting. You may get down with your loved one and their friends and come up with a list of local events and activities that they might be interested in trying. Volunteer work may take the form of formal events or spontaneous ideas. This may help your senior call you less when they’re busier throughout the day!

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