Everything You Need to Know About Personal Care at Home

What is personal care at home? It covers a lot of your dad’s care needs as his health changes. The focus is on things he needs for hygiene, skincare, and grooming. Here’s what you need to know about this level of care.


Personal Care at Home in Trussville AL: Personal Care Aides

Personal Care at Home in Trussville AL: Personal Care Aides



How well does your dad do in the shower? If he’s settled on his shower seat, can he bathe himself? If he can’t get his hands to his head to shampoo his hair, it’s time to look at bathing services.

He can have a professional caregiver help him wash his entire body, including his hair, and rinse off using the hand-held shower wand. His caregiver supports him as he gets in and out of the shower stall or tub. He’ll be dried off properly to ensure he’s not getting into clothing while he’s still damp.



Your dad has a harder time getting dressed. He cannot button his pants and shirts. Working a zipper or snaps is equally challenging. Tying shoes is impossible for your dad. With the help of a personal care aide, he has the help he needs.

Your dad’s caregiver can help him choose suitable clothing for the day, get dressed, and make sure he’s ready to start the day. If he has appointments, he’s ready to go when you arrive to drive him.


Hygiene and Grooming

Personal care at home assists with hygiene and grooming. He’ll have a caregiver to help him apply moisturizing cream, dry and style his hair, and shave his face. His caregiver can trim his fingernails and toenails and file the edges.

If your dad needs help applying deodorant, that’s part of hygiene services. His caregiver can also apply lip balm and help him apply sunscreen if he plans to go outside.


Oral Care 

Your dad struggles with arthritis. He cannot brush and floss his teeth anymore. His fingers just don’t bend to the right position. Or, he has dementia and often forgets to spend enough time on each quadrant. Hire a personal care aide to help your dad with oral care.



Incontinence is possible as your dad ages, especially if he has a disease like dementia or a UTI. If he has an accident, his caregiver can help him change his clothes, clean up, and get back to his activities.

His personal care at-home attendant also gives him cues to remember when he should go to the bathroom. His caregiver can help him get settled on the toilet and help him clean himself after.

Once you have a better understanding of the personal care services your dad needs, arrange services. Talk to an advisor to discuss pricing, your dad’s health, and preferences, and come up with a care plan. The personal care at home advisor will go over pricing and help you arrange services after that.


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