Senior Care: Just Because Your Mother’s Friends Refused Senior Care Doesn’t Mean She Will, Too

Senior Care: You have a close relationship with your elderly mother.

You’ve had a wonderfully close relationship with her most of your adult life. You know her friends, her neighbors, have gotten along well most of them. One friend in particular, though, concerns you because in the past, when they might have needed some level of senior care assistance, like senior care, they refused.

Now, you recognize that your mother is struggling herself and you want to bring it up, but she has mentioned in the past how proud she was of her friend for sticking to her guns, taking care of herself, and getting through those difficult times without “outside help.”


Caregiver in Pelham AL: Senior Care Refusal

Caregiver in Pelham AL: Senior Care Refusal


This doesn’t mean your mother will refuse senior care.

You may assume she will, but that’s not always the case. Of course, she might deny the need for any type of external support, even from an in-home care aide. Yet, if she is calling you for help or another family member or friend, and those calls are increasing, then it’s clear she needs some type of in-home support.

There is this monkey see, monkey do attitude, that many people seem to have these days. You might worry that since your mother’s friend refused any type of senior care, that she will as well, but what you need to do right now is sit down and discuss the struggles and challenges she is facing.


Talk about the number of times she calls people for assistance.

She might ask you or somebody else for help going to the grocery store. Not a big deal, right? This is something you may have no problem doing after work, even at the end of a long day. Or, you might pick her up on the weekend and take her shopping for a couple of hours.

What if it’s more than that? What if she is calling you and others for help taking out the garbage, getting the mail, getting laundry up from the basement, cleaning, or other basic tasks of everyday life?

Then clearly she would benefit from an in-home senior care aide. This is a person who can assist with many activities of daily living. If your mother wants to remain home, or age in place, then she can either do that by depending on you or other family members and friends or consider in-home care support.

When you talk about how many times she has called you and others for help, it might seem like a lot when discussing it all at once. Spread out over time, it might not seem like a big deal or very much at all, but when you cluster them all together in a simple conversation, it might help her realize just how often she is depending on help.


Senior Care: Then talk about different senior care options.

Remember that in-home care is the best and most preferred one among aging men and women. Her friend may have refused senior care because they didn’t understand it or didn’t think it was affordable.

The more you learn about it, the easier it will be for you to convince your elderly mother that senior care is the option she should consider now.

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