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Home Care Can Give You the Time You Need to Feel Less Stressed as a Family Caregiver

It’s easy to get overwhelmed looking after another individual. As a family caregiver, perhaps supporting an aging parent or even a disabled adult child, you will likely be giving up more and more of your personal time.

Sadly, many family caregivers across the country don’t realize just how stressful the job can be. They assume since they have a personal relationship with that individual in need, it should be easy.
But, it’s not. In fact, taking on the role of a family caregiver can be one of the toughest jobs you ever face. And, when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety because of it, you may feel like there is no escape.

Like there is no option.


Senior Care in Helena AL: Feel Less Stressed

Senior Care in Helena AL: Feel Less Stressed


There is another option, though.

That option comes in the form of a home care provider. Home care is one of the best assets for aging and disabled adults across the country because it provides experienced, qualified care so the family can focus on relationships.

Too often, a family caregiver becomes another parent. An adult child becomes the parent to their elderly mother or father, for example. That leads to strained relationships.

Strained relationships increase the stress on both parties. So, while that adult daughter takes on the role of a family caregiver for her elderly mother, she is feeling stressed because she constantly worries about her mom. And, her mom is feeling stressed because she just doesn’t want to be told by her daughter what she can or can’t or should or shouldn’t do.

For the family caregiver who is feeling stressed and frustrated, having difficulty sleeping at night because you’re worried about this aging loved one, wondering if they fell and can’t reach the phone, or just feeling like life is slipping away from you, consider home care.


How can you broach the topic of home care with this aging loved one?

First, learn as much as you can about home care. The more armed you are with information, the more you can accurately and genuinely answer questions the senior may have.

Second, discuss the topic honestly and openly. Share about your frustrations and the stress you’ve been feeling. This individual might not even realize how great a toll it is taking on your life.

Third, understand this decision belongs to the senior. It is his or her decision to make. If they don’t agree to home care, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck or trapped. You can back off a little bit, letting them know there is an alternative, and that home care is just a phone call away.


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