Six Avoidable Risk Factors for a Fall

Senior Home Care in Helena

Senior Home Care in Helena

Even a simple fall can land your elderly family member in the emergency room. To prevent that from happening, it pays off to look at all the preventable risk factors she has for falling and reduce them as much as possible.

Muscle Loss or Weakness

Many seniors lose muscle tone and don’t realize how that impacts their overall health. Becoming weaker can happen for a couple of reasons. First, if your elderly family member is much more passive than she has been, she will lose muscle tone. Second, eating affects whether her body can maintain existing muscle mass. Exercising with her doctor’s blessing and eating a diet that supports strong muscles will help.


When your elderly family member isn’t eating healthy meals or is eating only sporadically, she is much more likely to end up malnourished. She needs vitamins, minerals, and other protein nutrients to stay healthy. Eating a better diet will go a long way toward helping her prevent a fall. The problem is often that cooking isn’t appealing, so finding solutions like hiring senior home care to do the cooking can help a lot.

Blood Pressure Issues

Uncontrolled blood pressure, whether too high or too low, can be a considerable problem when avoiding a fall for your senior. There are some aspects of blood pressure that your senior can’t do much about, and worrying about what she can’t control is a great way to keep her blood pressure too high. That said, there are ways for your senior to manage her blood pressure, like remembering to take her medications and taking her time standing up so that low blood pressure doesn’t cause a fall. A senior home care provider can help her do these things.

Vision and Hearing Issues

Poor vision and issues with your senior’s ears, like loss of hearing or ear infections, can cause her to be more likely to fall. If it’s been a while since your senior’s eyes and ears were checked, now is the time to get those appointments taken care of so that your senior can stay safe. Addressing those issues is easy to help your senior avoid a fall.

Fear of Falling

Another factor you might not have considered is whether your senior is afraid that she will fall. When aging adults become fearful of falling, they may start to make choices that can contribute to a greater chance of falling. Moving more and having help from senior home care providers can significantly address this fear and make it less of a factor for your senior.

Excessive Tripping Hazards

Tripping hazards are a huge risk factor for falls and are preventable. It’s easier to address tripping hazards when someone is with your senior. Senior home care providers can stay on top of the possible tripping hazards and address them for your elderly family member.

Your senior may have other risk factors for a fall that are not nearly as preventable as the ones in this list are. That’s why it’s even more important to address what you can for her to reduce her fall risk as much as possible.

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