Baby Boomers Need This Test to Help Prevent Liver Cancer

Senior Care in Hoover AL: Preventing Liver Cancer

Senior Care in Hoover AL: A recent study revealed that the Baby Boomer generation is failing to be tested for a condition that can significantly raise their risk for developing liver cancer. The condition is hepatitis C, and Baby Boomers have a five times higher chance of having the condition than other age groups.

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Why Is Your Senior Resisting Using Their Hearing Aid?

Senior Care in Hoover AL: Hearing Aids

Senior Care in Hoover AL: As a family caregiver, you may have encouraged your aging parent to use a hearing aid if they have been dealing with hearing loss, believing that it could help them to address this challenge in a way that is effective and accessible. You may find, however, that your senior resists using their hearing aid.

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3 Simple Ways Seniors Can Celebrate Parks and Recreation Month


Senior Care in Hoover AL: Summer is usually the time when most people make the journey to parks near and far to reconnect with nature, family, and friends. July is National Parks and Recreation Month, making this the perfect opportunity for your elderly loved one to get out and enjoy the beauty nature has created.

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