What our clients say about our caregivers and services.


Certified Reviews

I am truly impressed with the level of dependable care my elderly, handicapped mother has received from Lipford Home Care. Her personal health has required the assistance of a professional home care aide and Lipford Home Care’s service has been both remarkable and outstanding.

Alton R. B.

Lipford Home Care was a god send for our family. We had several caregivers from this company for our mother over the course of about 2 years. We had 2 regular CNAs and then supplemented with a few others when our regular CNAs were not available

Eve N.

There is not enough good things I can say about Lipford Home Care. They provided the best possible care. My mother could not have asked for more. All the girls were loving and caring. They took care of my mom as though she was their own. Some of them still call me to ckeck and see how I am doing even today and Mom passed on March 2 2015. It really shows me how caring these girls are. I would recommend them to anyone and would be glad to do so. 


Lipford has been wonderful to work with. They have accommodated an ever changing schedule with excellent caring sitters for my mother, Julie Clennon. They have gone above and beyond to provide sitters who have training to hande a patient with dementia and who requires a good deal of assistance with daily living activities. Knowing that I can trust the people caring for my mother brings such a peace of mind. I do not worry that she will be lovingly taken care of and that the sitters will keep me informed of daily events. I will continue to recommend this agency to others who are in need of caring individuals to assist their loved ones.

Monica A.

The home care we received was very professional. The sitters were capable and on time. I highly recommend this company.

Susan S.

We have used Lipford on two different occasions, once for my Dad a few years ago and then recently for my Mom. The sitters always showed up on time except for one occasion when one had car trouble but that can happen to anyone and she got there as quickly as she could. No harm done and Lipford kept us informed about what was happening. They would have sent another sitter if it had been necessary. Everyone was pleasant and easy to work with, although some seemed more capable than others (I will stipulate that obviously I wasn't there observing all the time but when I was there I noticed that some took more initiative than others and I appreciated that). My parents quickly picked out a couple of favorites and we were able to request those and have the same ones most of the time. That was important for them because it was hard for them to have strangers in their house when they were at their most vulnerable. This way they were able to get comfortable with it more easily. I especially commend Lynn in the office who was so accommodating with all my calls about scheduling. She was always so helpful. I will definitely call Lipford again without hesitation.

Sandra T.

As a Case Manager who regularly provides referrals to families needing sitter services, I only wanted the best when it came time for my mother to utilize this service. Lipford always went above and beyond to ensure we felt comfortable with the people caring for her and kept her active and busy. They made sure she was happy. They provided my family with peace of mind knowing that those caring for her truly cared about her well being. Sadly, we had to place her in memory care recently, but one of her sitters comes by to visit still. The owners, Kelly and Dennis, always go above and beyond and are such wonderful people, as well. This company is the real deal. You will not regret utilizing their services.

Linda K.