What is In-Home Care?

In-Home Care in Mountain Brook

In-Home Care in Mountain Brook

November is National Home Care Month, and it’s a fantastic time for seniors and their families to learn more about in-home care for seniors and how it can help seniors age in place. Most seniors want to live in their own homes as long as they physically can.

In-home care makes it easier for seniors to stay where they want to be, because it takes a lot of the worry and work out of living in a home. Many seniors only need a little extra help with regular chores and other tasks to live comfortably at home. With in-home care, seniors get the support they need with tasks like these, so they can stay at home:

Household Chores

The number one thing seniors need assistance with around the house is household chores. As seniors get older, it’s more difficult to do things like sweep and mop the house, get the laundry downstairs to the washer and dryer, load the machines, and lug the laundry back upstairs, and vacuum the entire house. When seniors have help doing the hardest of household chores, they can stay where they want to be and live well. And seniors can still do chores they might enjoy, like folding laundry.

Cooking and Clean Up

Cooking is another area that seniors often have trouble with as they get older. Lifting heavy pots and pans, especially those filled with water or sauces, can be difficult or downright dangerous for seniors that don’t have great grip strength or those that have weak hands or arthritis. Cutting vegetables, opening cans, and other movements necessary for food preparation can also be challenging for seniors.

But in-home care givers can help seniors with the more difficult tasks of cooking, so that seniors can still cook and enjoy delicious meals. Caregivers can also help seniors clean up, put food securely away, and do the dishes or load and empty the dishwasher.

Shopping And Errands

Often seniors think they may not live safely or comfortably at home anymore once they can no longer drive. But with an in-home care provider who drives, seniors will have the mobility and freedom they want without the responsibility of driving. Caregivers can help seniors go shopping, run errands like going to the bank or post office, meet friends for lunch, or go to a movie. Seniors don’t have to give up social activities or have a life just because they can’t drive anymore.

Pet Care

Taking care of pets can be a challenge for seniors as they get older, but in-home care can help with that too. Seniors don’t have to give up on their beloved pets. Caregivers can help seniors shop for pet supplies, load and unload supplies from the car, clean litter boxes and clean up after dogs in the yard, and wash pet beds and blankets. Your senior loved one’s pets will be pampered and healthy with the extra love and care provided by a caregiver.

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